Welcome to Dr-Who UK – the newest Dr Who fan site on the internet.

The site was created in November 2019 fan Mike Roberts after realising the domain www.dr-who.co.uk was available! Mike has been a long standing fan of the show for as long as he can remember and making a fan site was the next logical step. Unlike other fan sites, were not trying to sell you a membership or trying to make you buy merchandise.

We simply wanted to create a place where we can provide news, reviews and history on the UK’s best loved sci-fi show as well as a place to foster genuine fan led discussion of the highs and lows of the show. I am also trying to create the biggest glossary of who related terms on the internet!

Please remember that the site is work in progress and “ever evolving”, if you have any suggestions, comments, queries or would like to become a contributor please feel free to get in touch. I hope you enjoy the site!

Type 40 TARDIS
Sonic Screw Driver